Two year old cutie with her family | Charlotte children’s photographer

After two weather-related reschedules, we were due for a perfect Charlotte photo session, and the sun complied.  What a gorgeous morning!  And what a beautiful child little C is!  When I first met her, she was a bit shy and hid behind mer momma’s dress, but she warmed up quickly.  She is a natural little model.  Look at her shoulder shrug in the family picture.  Really?!  She did that??

The idea of celebrating her two year birthday sparked a vision of a clothesline with some of her baby clothes on it.  The idea actually came to me during a yoga session, when my mind was supposed to be focusing on my breath.  Suddenly, this picture popped into my head of a vintage looking clothesline with sunlight streaming through colorful dresses.  I immediately thought of the two year old portrait session that I had coming up.  And it actually turned out more beautiful than I had pictured!

Thank you P family!!!

Shy child photo in Charlotte NC.

Charlotte children's photographer picture of a little girl doing laundry

Charlotte kids photographer creates picture of child with dandelion

Charlotte NC children's photo of child with vintage toy iron

Child and daughter kiss in this family picture

Charlotte NC family of three photo

Family photo where child giggles at photographer.

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  • anneMay 2, 2011 - 8:41 pm

    ooh love these. LOVE the clothesline. love the last one.