Photo Shoot for a Beautiful Charlotte Baby Girl

I am always so honored when someone chooses me to photograph their baby. There are a lot of great photographers in Charlotte NC, and being asked to document this special time in a family’s life is something that I do not take lightly. My favorite baby photo session location is to work in their own home, both for newborn babes and 6 month olds, or once baby starts to sit up unassisted. There are so many expressions and fun things to do with that age.

I have had people ask me my favorite age of babies to photograph, and I have to say that newborn, or under 2 or 3 weeks, then around 6 months, and again around a year. Each age has its unique qualities for photography. Newborns are just amazing because they are SO little, and grow by the hour it seems. It is special to me, as a photographer, to capture newborns with their families, the way mom and dad look at their new baby, and how baby follows the sound of their parents’ voices. The connection with older siblings and family pets is also so sweet to document. I love posing sleepy newborns and getting the perfect posed shots as well. My style is more organic, so I don’t like to do anything too crazy or unnatural with poses, but come on… sleepy newborns are adorable! And then there are the six to nine month old ranges that are equally fun to photograph, but in a different way. These babies are full of expressions… smiles, pouts, and make gestures that are so great to capture. Once the teeny tiny teeth start coming in… watch out for cuteness overload! I can’t really choose a favorite age between these two, they are both so amazing in different ways.

Here are some photos from an almost-one-year-old cutie taken in her home, with a modern lifestyle flavor. She was full of bright expressions and completely stole my heart. I love getting shots of her in her crib. And the sink bath!!! My heart is so full when I see these pictures, and I know that her family will treasure them forever.

Cutest baby expressionBaby in Sink Bath