Charlotte Family, Springtime, Orchard Happiness

I have been looking forward to this family’s photo session for quite some time.  It was completely worth the wait!  Mom warned me that she was sometimes serious and not so quick to smile.  Well after a few minutes with her, she became the sweetest, most animated little ray of sunshine ever.  She is one of the few children that I’ve ever met that are completely happy and not freaked out about grass.  Tall grass, pokey grass, clover-y grass, you name it.  She will sit, lay, roll and jump in it.  She is much happier with bare feet.  I can see her with her Daddy in the woods when she’s older.

One of the sweetest memories from this session is when I asked her to pick a flower for her mommy.  And then she picked another.  And another. And another… I think she found a new hobby!  She also loves to dance!  No music necessary.  She flings her hair around with the biggest smile ever.  What a joyful family!

P family, I enjoyed my time working with you!



Charlotte family picture taken outdoors in an orchard

Child photographer in Charlotte NC

Charlotte family and child pictures

child dances in golden sunlight

Charlotte chid photo with vintage colorful birdcages