Catching “Up” on my Blogging

I have worked with this family many, many times… from kids, maternity, newborn… This mom is a great friend of mine.  A beautiful, shining spirit.  So I knew that for her kids’ spring photos, I wanted to do something different.  We brainstormed together and came up with the idea of an “Up” themed photo session (as in the movie Up).  I can’t take credit for the idea, it was stolen from an engagement session that was running rampant on Pinterest a few months ago.  But, this one is with kids.  I am not even sure how well the idea translated.  And honestly, I really don’t care.  They are beautiful photos of two beautiful children that I love very, very much 🙂  And there is a vintage airplane, which is pretty much the coolest photo prop EVER!


Charlotte photographer THemed session

Baby sister and big bro

Charlotte baby photographers

Adventure photographed by Becca Bond

Vintage plane photo prop

Liam in old airplane

Silly child expressions

Child photo with magnifying glass

Baby in vintage aviator pilot's hat and goggles

Baby in denim overalls