absolutely gorgeous Charlotte family photo session

When I first began my correspondence with this beauteous mother, I immediately liked her.  When I met her in person, I liked her even more.  And her family too!  These blue eyed children were a blast to work with.  Little A became my buddy immediately and helped me so much.  Her little brother, as squeezeably adorable as he was, was a tricky child for me to photograph.  This little dude is a RUNNER!  He was as rough and tumble and as perfectly *boy* as they come!  I would not be one bit surprised if many, many years from now, he is on some enormous stadium’s field running with a football under his arm.

These pictures were taken in Charlotte’s Freedom Park (as mentioned in below post), on a day that was extremely perfect outside, therefore, extremely crowded.  Yet, with all the goings-ons in the park, we managed to find little bits of sunlit heaven where their family could spread out and be themselves and  a magical portrait session could occur.

Family photo taken at Freedom Park in Charlotte NC.

Picture of a child and her mother taken in Charlotte NC.

Charlotte children play in freedom park, photographed by lifestyle portrait photographer Becca Bond.

A photo session with a Charlotte familiy at Freedom Park.

Charlotte NC child lifestyle portrait at Freedom Park.

Baby boy giggling

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  • Christy L.April 26, 2011 - 2:27 pm

    Thanks Becca! Love the sneak peeks, they turned out great! We were got a chuckle in thinking you may have had to photoshop all the people out of the photosJ Like you mentioned in your comments, despite being ridiculously crowded you captured ‘little bits of sunlit heaven’. Thank you, and we can’t wait to see the rest!