about becca

Once upon a time there was a little girl that loved to take pictures, burning her happy childhood memories onto film and creating prints that preserved a piece of time for forever.  She documented her life and her family on film.  Her parents saw her talent early and fostered her passion by encouraging her to take any photography classes available. As she grew up, she studied the mechanics of photography and light at an art school in Savannah GA, and learned about things like creative vision and what makes a photograph Art.  After she graduated, she moved to the great land of photographers in NYC where she learned about the business side of photography.  She worked in a commercial studio that produced editorial and commercial images for children’s publications, and she fell in love with the unpredictability and authenticity of photographing babies and kids.  In 2007, she moved to Charlotte NC and gave birth to a beautiful baby of her own.  This is when she began to realize the preciousness of having her own family portraits… photographs are among our most treasured possessions.  They are passed down to future generations.  They tell the story of who we are today.

This little girl is a happy family portrait photographer in Charlotte NC today.

Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dream!


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