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March 19, 2014

I was thrilled when I heard that this family was going to welcome a new baby into their arms!  I have gotten quite close to them in the past two years since I’ve been photographing their then-baby, now-toddler child after they moved back to Charlotte by way of the big NYC 2 years ago.  They are so full of joy and so easy-going and I am so grateful to be their photographer.  They have done a bit of redecorating since the last time that I was in their home and the nursery as well as little L’s room blew me away with the cuteness and ‘etsy-ness’ of everything!  I have a special affinity for little L, as she has a very bright spirit and is so incredibly sweet and snuggly.  And her eyelashes never seize to amaze me!  She is now a big sister to a gorgeous little baby that is so laid back and easy to work with.

I had a chuckle for this photo shoot… Normally, when I photograph newborns, the parents want pictures of their newborn baby sleeping soundly.  So much of our time at the photo shoot is getting the baby to fall asleep.  It always feels like a ‘goal’ during a newborn session for photographers and I am used to that.  So, when I have a wide-eyed newborn and I’ve already captured them awake, the next step is to get them to fall asleep.  It was exactly the opposite for this family.  This mother wanted photos of her little one wide-eyed, and all this baby wanted to do was sleep!  I have all the tricks of the trade up my sleeve to get a baby to sleep, but getting a sleepy baby to wake up is a completely different game!

Well, we managed to wake up little G for her photo shoot and I did get some beautiful shots of her (and the announcement was AMAZING).  So… thank you once again G family.

TONS of love,


eskimo kisses family portrait

pretty girl in the mirror

awake newborn photography

Newborn baby and mother portrait

sweet sensitive portrait of a father with baby girl

gorgeous eyelashes

Whimsical newborn photo

Blessed and Lucky Family of Three

October 21, 2013

I loved getting to know the B family!  Before we met to take pictures, Mama A filled me in on their whole story– how she met and married the man of her dreams and ended up with the most perfectly adorable baby girl on the planet!  I love how much they appreciate each other and how involved Dad is.  He has to be one of the most hands-on dads that I  have ever had the pleasure of working with– diapers and wipes always on hand in his back pocket along with a toy or two.  Baby A clearly adores him also!  Being in her daddy’s arms lit her up, her little smile making those kissable dimples appear.

I learned a lot from this family– appreciate each other, do not take one another for granted.  Every day is a new day to celebrate those we love!  We could all take a lesson from them.

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, B family!  Just looking at your portraits makes my heart feel light!



Family Photography Charlotte NC

tender candid moment

Baby portrait in Charlotte NC
Giggles from baby

Family photography

A Midsummer Charlotte Photo Shoot

September 16, 2013

After working with this beautiful Charlotte family last fall, I fell in love with little L.  Her long eyelashes, pretty smile and spunky little spirit.  She is a remarkable little girl, extremely affectionate and full of love.  I was thrilled that her beautiful mama called me for another family photo shoot and wanted to do something different.  We chose to work in Fort Mill, around some of the brick walls and in a pretty field.  Little L was so much fun to photograph– she had her own ideas on where to go and what to do.  Luckily, whatever she was doing, she was perfectly adorable doing it!

I can’t wait until our next session G family… It will be extra special indeed! 😉



A Sweet Moment for Charlotte Family

Little child photographed flying in daddy's arms


A sweet happy baby and a bee sting.

August 3, 2012

Mama warned me about this baby… she could possibly be the happiest, sweetest little chunk-a-love ever.  Well was her temperament was put to the test the day of our photo session and she lived up to her happy nature and then some.  Here is a rundown of the day and why miss L is so special.

They get out of the car and my heart immediately melts into a puddle.  She smiles.  She coos.  She snuggles her daddy.  Once the camera comes out, she just shines.  It’s a baby photographer’s dream-come-true family session!  Four outfit changes and with a few breaks for “puffs”, she was going strong!  Mama grew up on a farm around horses, so I wanted to incorporate horses somehow.  Baby L was definitely interested in them!  Now here is where the story gets sad, so viewer beware!  Make sure you have a box of tissues on hand.

I suggest we let little L pull up on a fence near the horses so she can “stand” by herself.  So Papa puts her down on the grass and she holds onto the fence.  All of a sudden the horse nearby startles and runs off.  And in the next second, baby L lets go of the loudest cry I’ve ever heard an almost one year old baby make.  We look and realize the reason is that there is a next of hornets right by her that has been stirred up, and one is on her!!!  She got stung!!!  On her sweet little chubby cheek!!!

It was terrible!!  I felt awful about it.  I wasn’t sure if the session could go on.  But…  true to her nature, after a few snuggles from Mom and Dad, and some snacks, she was all smiles again!  So, we got to do the shot that we had been planning… the obligatory first birthday cake smash!  Complete with balloons, a vintage high chair, and the happiest baby ever!

Thank you so much B family!!!!!

Outdoor photo session

baby with dimples

birthday photography for baby

Baby girl and her mother

outdoor baby photo shoot for first bday

Charlotte NC family photographer portrait

One year old birthday cake smash.

Charlotte NC Fall Family Photo Shoot

November 1, 2011

This family was referred to me by my friend Amanda who has relocated to Atlanta.  She photographed them when their now-3-year-old child was a baby and they loved their photos.  Amanda is an incredibly talented photographer, so I had some big shoes to fill!

When they arrived at our location, baby E was still asleep in her stroller, so I got a chance to get to know big brother and create some amazing portraits of him.  What a big kid in a little kids’ body!  He blew me away with his love of sports, his knowledge of numbers (he can count to 1,000) and his generally happy disposition.  He is going to be one of those kids that becomes the golden boy of his high school– athletically talented as well as academically.  Oh, and stinkin’ adorable.

Once I got a chance to peek in the stroller at sleeping baby E, it was love at first sight.  Look at those cheeks!  It took everything for me to control myself and not be the annoying lady that pinches children’s cheeks.  Once she opened her eyes, they just sparkled.  She looks like a live baby doll.  You would never know from her photos that she was teething the day of our shoot.  She was really a trooper.  I pushed her and she did so well!

Well… onto the portraits of this beautiful family.  I hope Amanda approves 🙂

Charlotte NC family photo

Charlotte baby photography

Baby girl with bear ear hoodie

Portrait of a child and a baby taken in Charlotte NC by photographer

Charlotte professional portrait photography

Lifestyle family photo shoot in Charlotte


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