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Two Amazing Photo Shoots for this Family

August 24, 2016

What a sweet family this was to work with!  I can’t resist posting from both their maternity photo session and their newborn shoot as well.  I love the connection of a couple expecting a baby.  We met one summer day in Lake Norman where I made their maternity portraits.  They have such a sweet connection and I could tell they are such good friends.  Once their baby arrived, I was really excited to be their newborn photographer.  They had me come to their Charlotte home where I got to meet their beautiful baby girl.  She has the most adorable dimples, like her mama!  We had to schedule their shoot before dad had to leave for Navy duty, which was only a little over a week after his baby was born.  This made me appreciate this family even more.  I could tell how in love with his new baby he was and imagined how difficult it would be for him to leave them.  It made me feel so grateful for him and for all the families that do what he does, leaving the ones they love to do their duty.

I love these pictures and I hope they love them too!

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And then came baby…

Classic newborn photography Charlotte family photography Really sweet baby face photo black and white portrait of new baby Newborn Baby Photographer Charlotte NC

A Beautiful Mama

August 17, 2016

What a fun couple!  I loved meeting this beautiful couple that is expecting their first baby.  I cannot wait to meet their newborn!  It was HOT the day of their photo shoot.  And Charlotte NC heat has been no joke this summer!  In my 10 years of living in the Carolinas, this is the hottest summer that I have felt I think.  This sweet mom was a trooper.  And as pretty as could be, despite the heat.  Dad kept us laughing which kept us distracted from the  heat.  And we did end up getting some absolutely beautiful maternity pictures!  Charlotte NC professional family photographer Charlotte skyline in family photo Really pretty pregnant mom Lifestyle photographer Charlotte NC

Meeting Beautiful Baby V

August 11, 2016

I met this family a couple of months ago at their maternity session where we wandered around Freedom Park in Charlotte in the evening light and grabbed beautiful pictures of them and their dog, Taco.  They were so excited about meeting their baby girl.  I was too!  How time flies…. before you know it, I was at their house, camera in tow and their family of two (plus two fur babies!) had become a family of three!  Little V was a joy to work with.  She is going to be such a special little girl– a superstar!  I have to share these lovely portraits…

Charlotte natural light creative photographerModern portrait of a baby on vintage quiltTiny baby feet in black and whiteMother and new baby in Charlotte phtoography portraitBaby sleeps on teal midcentury chairCharlotte photographer portrait of father and babyLIfestyle photo of paci clipYoung family with their new baby

An Amazing Family Story

July 8, 2016

While I was working on editing these photos, I was playing some sappy Beach Boys love songs and just thinking so hard about this family and their story and how beautiful these portraits are that I actually got choked up, teary eyed and turned into a huge sap of a photographer. “God only knows what I’d be without you…”   The song, the photos, oh it was bad.  Or good.  Well, it’s hard to edit with teary eyes!

This is a story to share!  Imagine this… you have been waiting to adopt a baby for years.  You and your long-time best friend that you ended up marrying 6 years ago.  You had some close calls that fell through.  You get a job opportunity and move to a new state when in the middle of your move… BAM…. you get the call that there is a potential adoption.  You drop everything and travel back to the state where you were originally from and are chosen to be this baby’s new family.  No time to prepare a nursery, no time to shop for baby clothes, car seats, diapers, no time for a baby shower in your honor.  Your home is still in boxes and moving trucks are waiting to drop off furniture.  Just like that… this whole family’s world changed in the matter of a week.  Wow!  The 9 months that most families get to prepare for a baby is something that we take for granted.  Not every family gets this luxury.

This sweet mama called me and told me her story and I was just completely blown away.  As much craziness that she had going on, she took the time to speak to me and was so funny and upbeat and I could tell how much joy that she had in her.  She is also a photographer and wanted a lifestyle shoot.  Um…. heck yeah!  That is the stuff that makes my heart sing.

I really took in her story and before their photo shoot, I thought really hard about them.  I knew that they had been going through a LOT.  I mean a whole ton of a LOT.  Even though it is all good stuff, it is still so much to process, and sometimes the stress from even really great stuff like a move and instant baby in your household can feel just as stressful as bad stuff.  (I am speaking from experience and may be projecting as I am also in the middle of a move, combining families, no new baby but a new 8 and 41 year old, but that is a whole other story for another day).  So I really wanted their shoot to be a time when they could just BE together and take a moment to soak up being new parents.  I wanted them to forget everything else and just take a moment to enjoy this time in their lives.

While photographing them, the love that they have for each other and this beautiful baby was palpable.  And the love that the baby has for them is obvious as well.  The way she looked at her parents took my breath away.  She was transfixed on her mother and father.  And she SMILED!!!  A two week old baby SMILED!  Sure, some were passy-gassy smiles, but there were other smiles that I know said “I love you Mom and Dad” and “Thank you”.  This is such an incredible family.  She was worth the wait, Q family.  You deserve the best that life has to give.  I cannot wait to be your photographer for life and watch K grow!

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One of My Favorite Charlotte Families

June 25, 2016

Best Charlotte children's photographer children dance in open field Photo of mother and son Super giggly girl portrait Kids build sandcastle brother and sister laugh with photographer

really beautiful girl with flower crown Piggy back ride on dad FAmily snuggles outdoor photo Picnic blanket family photo shoot Charlotte family photography Modern lifestyle portrait Charlotte Family Photographer makes pictures of beautiful family outside at parkAs a family photographer, when you arrive at your shoot to be greeted with kids screaming your name and running into your arms to give you the biggest “I-haven’t-seen-you-in-months!” hug, you know it’s going to be a great photo shoot!  That is exactly what happened when I got to photograph this family.  S still had curlers in her hair when she came running out of the van, and her little brother couldn’t wait to show me his loose tooth.  These are the moments that make my heart swell and make me SO! GRATEFUL! for the job that I have.  I have been working with this family for years and I LOVE every shoot that we do.  We always try to “outdo” the last, but we have some traditions that we always do on every shoot that makes it really fun.  This is fun because it forces me to be creative and try different things and locations.  This time, I decided to work at Jetton Park on Lake Norman because I’ve been working there lately and I really love the scenery.  Plus I thought it would be fun to do a summery beach scene with some of the kids’ clothes that mama chose.  It worked out perfectly and the weather cooperated!

One of our photo shoot traditions is the last thing that we do is a “tackle mommy” photo.  Everyone looks forward to this (well… maybe not mommy but she is such a sweet mama and a good sport that she wouldn’t let on if she didn’t).  The whole family gives her the biggest hug ever that usually sends everyone toppling over onto the ground with mom at the bottom of the pile!

We have certain games that we always play, and the kids look forward to those as well.  This time, I even found out who has the stinkiest feet in the family.  And I will never, ever tell!

After each photo shoot with this crew, I feel like I just hung out and played with long time friends.  It is so much fun.  And the pictures that result are so authentic and full of love and life, just like these beautiful folks.

Thank you again R family… it is truly an honor to be your photographer!




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