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Maternity Photo shoot in Freedom Park Charlotte with Flower Crown

May 19, 2016

In the first email that this pregnant mama sent me, she mentioned that she was expecting her first baby and then that she already had two “fur babies”.. namely, a dog named Taco, and a rabbit named Mr. Rabbit.  I knew immediately that I had to be their family’s photographer!  As the mother of a very quirky child (and being a quirky person myself), I appreciate dogs named Taco and pet rabbits!  When we spoke about her photo shoot, she mentioned that they live near Freedom Park in Charlotte and often visit the park to walk Taco.  I thought it would be fitting to photograph them there, although photo shoots in Freedom Park are tricky because of the plethora of photographers.  We chose the perfect date and time of day and I barely had to photoshop joggers and bikers out of their pictures!  And come on…. can you even believe these were taken at the busiest park in Charlotte?!  I mean really….  they look like they were made in an enchanted elfin forest.  Maybe her lovely flower crown has something to do with that magic.

Well… I am so happy with your portraits, C and A!  I cannot wait to meet your (human) baby on her newborn portraits!!!



Charlotte Maternity PHotographer Very sweet loving couple expecting first baby Maternity photo with flower crown Charlotte expecting photography Charlotte Family Photography Outdoors

Lake Norman Maternity Photo Session

April 7, 2016

When I met this mama for tea at the Starbucks north of Charlotte, I was really hoping that she would book me as her photographer.  Not only is she a jaw dropping gorgeous pregnant mama but she has a vivacious and hilarious personality as well.  We decided to work at Jetton Park in Lake Norman, and since it can get so busy on a spring day, we had to make out shoot time pretty early.  Well it definitely paid off!  What a fun shoot!  Mom and dad were so candid and natural for their portraits.  They brought his mother along (who I love and wish she would accompany me on every photo shoot that I do because she kept complimenting my photography skills and boosting my ego 😉  They also brought their pup and we got some great photos of him as well!

I cannot wait to photograph their newborn… just imagine how beautiful that baby is going to be!

Thank you M family… I will see you in a few weeks as you welcome your baby!!



Custom maternity photography

Photography at Lake Norman with pregnant mother awaiting her baby

Charlotte maternity photos

Charlotte couple has photographer create maternity portraits outdoors at Lake Norman

Charlotte maternity photography done outdoors

Charlotte Pregnancy photos

Charlotte newborn photographer

This Sweet Baby is Getting So Big

March 23, 2016

The first time that I photographed this Charlotte family, they had a newborn baby.  It was a year ago!  I remember what a great photo shoot it was.  We had tons of beautiful natural light in their home, they were very candid and relaxed in front of my camera, and the baby slept like a little champ… just in time for me to get some amazing newborn photos of him!  I got another chance to photograph him when he was a six month old baby.  I fell in love with not only his cuteness during that shoot, but his personality as well!  He made my job so easy as a photographer… he was constantly laughing and smiling!

Well it’s hard to believe that this little guy is already ONE year old!  How can it be?  I had a tough time narrowing down pictures to post on my photo blog because there were SO MANY great pictures!  It is such a cool experience as a photographer to work with families as they grow and babies as they get bigger.  He was very interested in my camera and was definitely going for all of the gear in my camera bag!  I told him that when he grows up, he might end up being a photographer too :)

Thank you so much H family for having me document your family!








Charlotte NC baby and family photographer Becca Bond creates memorable lifestyle portraits for a family with a one year old baby.

Charlotte Baby photography

Baby Photo for one year old by Charlotte photographer

Charlotte NC baby and family photographer Becca Bond creates memorable lifestyle portraits for a family with a one year old baby.

Lifestyle family portrait photography

Baby Photographer in Charlotte NC

Cute baby with a giraffe


February 5, 2016

After the nearly nine month wait since you first witnessed two magical lines forming on a pee stick, you are ready to hold your infant and gaze lovingly at his perfect baby face. What a whirlwind it has been! You know it in your gut…. your life is about to change in a big way and it is approaching quickly, a tsunami that will wash over every aspect of your life and transform you into a completely different version of the person you are today, a super-hero version of yourself– you will become a Mother. There will be another human being in your life that you love more than you can even imagine. As you look down at your rapidly expanding belly, you go over the never ending to-do list before your baby arrives… finish painting the nursery, follow up with your doctor or midwife, add an Ergo to your baby registry. Oh, and find a newborn photographer.

Having a photographer create portraits of your baby while they are tiny will give you something to treasure forever. Where do you start? There are so many newborn photographers to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start. Here is a list of things to think about when narrowing down your picks.

1. What Kind of Style Speaks to You?

Do sweetly posed newborns propped up on their hands appeal to you, or do natural, organic moments that tell a story? Basically, newborn and baby photography can be broken down into two genres– lifestyle and posed. It is a good idea to go through various photographers’ portfolio websites in your area to see what speaks to your heart.

Lifestyle photography is documentary style photography that captures the emotion and candid gesture of an event… think of it like “a day in the life”. Your photographer will give you some direction in order to help you feel more comfortable and also to control the setting, composition and light to a degree, and then you will be given cues to interact with each other. Your photographer uses her or his creative vision and skill to create portraits that tell a story about your baby that are as unique as your family.

A Charlotte NC newborn photographer creates a lifestyle portrait of a newborn baby in her crib with custom bedding.

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Posed baby photography is also lovely and requires much artistry as well. The posed shots can vary from very minimally posed natural portraits to very elaborately posed portraits involving lots of props. Often, the more elaborate posed portraits are a Photoshopped composite image of several frames. An example of this is the shot that you may be familiar with where a baby appears to be propping herself up on her own hands. There are actually an assistant’s hands supporting the baby which are later edited out in order help the baby achieve the more theatrical poses as well as to keep the baby safe.

Charlotte Baby Photographer arranges beautiful newborn on a vintage stool in a pink ruffled tutu.

Posed Newborn

2. Location, Location, Location…

The location of where your portraits are made is also tied into your photographer’s style.

Newborn photographers that have a more lifestyle or documentary approach to their work will normally want to work in your own home and use the home environment in your portraits. There are advantages of this as you and your baby will be more comfortable in your own home and getting out of the house with a week old baby can be a hassle. If you forget something, need to retouch your lip gloss or change shirts because of a spit up mishap, you have access to it. Your photographer may move things around in your home in order to keep the background clean in your portraits. Another nice thing about working in your home is that many parents spend a lot of time and effort perfecting their baby’s nursery, and those beautiful details will be featured in their newborn pictures.

Charlotte NC at home Newborn Photographer

Newborn Baby Photo in their Beautiful Nursery

Some photographers like to photograph newborn babies and families in their studios. This works well for photographers that like to have more control over the lighting and setting. These photographers will normally have several background and lots of interesting prop choices to choose from in order to customize your photo session. As these photographers are used to working with newborn babies and their familes, they normally have their studio set up so that it is inviting and comfortable.

3. Who Is Included in the Photos?

While your photographer will obviously be capturing your newborn baby in portraits, who else will be included? Some photographers work exclusively with newborns and specialize in creating pieces of art that only feature the babies. Some photographers prefer to incorporate parents and siblings into some of their shots as well. To some families, it is even important to include beloved pets with their new baby!

Charlotte NC Newborn Baby Infant photographer

Lifestyle Portrait in Baby’s Home with Parents

Another note about this… After giving birth, many new mothers feel that they don’t look their best and shy away from being in family photos. When you look back on your portraits years from now you are not going to notice how tired that you looked or that you may have some extra baby padding. You will see how tiny your baby is cradled in your arms and see the expression of radiant joy on your face. Down the road, it will put perspective on how little your baby was compared to their 8 year old self! These may end up being your favorite photographs by far!

Charlotte NC Newborn Photographer creates sweet portrait of a mother nuzzling her newborn baby.

Newborn Baby with his Mother

4. Price and Products

With the abundance of inexpensive digital cameras on the market and mom-o-grapher hobbyists, you will see a wide range of pricing options when searching for a newborn photographer. A trained professional photographer is going to be an investment that not everyone is willing to make. You are hiring an artist for their creativity, their skill and their vision to create custom photographs that feature your newborn.

How important is having quality art of your newborn baby to you? You have a small window to have newborn portraits made (normally the first two weeks after your baby’s arrival). These portraits will be something that not only will be treasured through the course of your lifetime, but handed down to following generations. Most people count photographs as their most prized possessions. When a fire takes a family’s home, it is often their photographs that are missed the most. They are irreplaceable. These are our stories, our lives, our memories. Consider this before going with the cheapest photographer on the market or your cousin that has a digital SLR camera.

Also, think about the way your portrait will be presented to you. If you are going to commission a professional photographer to photograph your newborn, chances are, you are going to want the result to be a beautiful piece of art such as a high quality album to cherish, or a framed piece to hang in your home. This is a very special occasion and needs to be commemorated as such! With the digital age upon us, many people overlook this part of professional photography and think that a disk with their images is all they need. Most of the time, with the chaos of adding a baby to a family and change in routine, having prints made from your photo shoot get put on the bottom of your to-do list and the disk gets put away in a drawer and the images forgotten about. Many photographers offer both digital and print products to the families that they work with. This is the best of both worlds as it gives families the digital images to archive and also prints to cherish.

5. Do you “click”?

This is the last because it is perhaps the most important. How do you click with your photographer? Do you feel good when you talk to her or him? Do you generally like her or him? This is going to be the person that spends a good amount of time with you and your family while creating your photos. Do they “get” how emotionally intense it is to be a new mother and do you think they can they put you at ease when your baby decides to cluster feed and test out her lungs with wailing cries during her newborn session instead of sleeping peacefully? Do you feel connected with your photographer? Can you trust her/ him to handle your new baby safely? How many years experience do they have and what types of training?

This one goes under “gut feeling” and it is something that you will know immediately! So be sure you get to speak with potential photographers or better yet, meet with them before you book them!

Brand Spanking New Website Launch for Charlotte Family Portrait Photographer

January 29, 2016

So it’s been a while since I have done anything to my photography brand.  Each new year, I make a resolution”In January, when it is cold in the Carolinas, and I am traditionally slow, I will work on freshening up my website, updating photos etc”.  And for the past 3 years, January has come and gone in a blur and I am gearing up for spring family portrait sessions with the same old website (that was not mobile friendly), kicking myself in the booty.  Not this year!!!

Tackling this project has been a lot more time intensive and emotional than I imagined.  I had to go back through my catalogue of family, newborn, baby and maternity photography and choose images.  I enlisted friends, family, even kids (free labor!), to help me decide what pictures to include.  This took a couple of weeks of sifting through Lightroom, labeling and starring images.  What makes a good picture? My own child would say any picture that has a dog in it is a good one :)   But really… what is it that draws a viewer to linger on an image when it’s not even their baby or child’s photo.  Is it expression, light, composition, subject, gesture?   I think it’s all of those.   I think it has to be more than the sum of all the technical aspects… it has to tell a story.

I work with some beautiful families that love to express themselves and of course we have that lovely Charlotte weather, scenery and light.  Although I had to narrow it down to a very limited number of portraits out of thousands, I feel like what is on the new website is a good representation of my photography.   It was so hard to leave some images out, I had at least one image from every photo shoot that I felt was portfolio worthy!

This project gave me some time to reflect on my work over the past few years.  Of all of the families that I have photographed.  Of the babies that I have seen grow before my camera.  Of the kids that fell into fits of giggles with me and left me feeling like I made a new friend at the end of the shoot, smiling ear to ear.  What a blessing it is to be a photographer!  There is not a job in the world that I would rather do!  It fills my heart to document life– the human spirit– the most beautiful thing of all!  Not many people can say that about their occupation and I realize this and am grateful every day for it!  And grateful to the families here in the Charlotte area that allow me to live my dream.

Anyway… I am just so proud and excited to share my new website, my new baby!

Thank you Charlotte families for allowing me to be creative, allowing me to document your lives, appreciating my art and being open and vulnerable enough to have your portrait made in such a playful, heartfelt way.  Life is not always perfect, but it is always beautiful!

Let’s see what happens in 2016!



Sweet Charlotte baby surrounded by whimsical origami butterflies has pictures made by professional Charlotte photographer Becca Bond.

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Becca Bond is a children's photographer based in Charlotte, NC. She specializes in newborn, baby, child, maternity, and family portrait photography. Her style is casual and interactive, and her goal is to keep today alive through the art of photographs.