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Deeply Spiritual Family Love

March 19, 2015

What struck me the most about this family was how they incorporate their spirituality into their lives and love for each other.  There is an aura of loving kindness around them, and it touches everyone that they meet.  I really enjoyed getting to know them and find out about their beliefs, which are strong.  They are such a gentle and beautiful couple, and brought their baby into the world in the most natural, loving way possible.  I enjoyed meeting them for their maternity photo shoot, when we talked about what they imagined for their baby.  They didn’t know whether or not they were having a boy or a girl, but had a hunch that she was carrying a boy.  They were correct!  We chose to work at a Lake Norman beach, to take advantage of the water and the nice day that we had.  This is why I love being a Charlotte photographer!!  We get nice days all year long!

When we met for their newborn pictures, it was obvious to me as a photographer that their love grew not only to include their baby but for each other as well.  It was like their hearts just bloomed open even more!  This was just such a beautiful experience for me.

Thank you so much W family.  I love your whole family!



romantic maternity portrait

Gorgeous Pregnant Couple

July 9, 2014

Wow… That was the word that came to mind when I met this Charlotte couple for the first time over coffee to chat about working as their photographer to capture their maternity portraits and baby pictures.  What a beautiful, fresh and confident couple!  They are clearly enamored with each other, and the idea of becoming parents!  We spoke a little about how they met and what they enjoy, and decided to work at a horse farm that they board a horse at.  I checked it out in advance and it was a gorgeous location, plus it has sentimental value to them as well.

They had asked about including their horse in their maternity photos.  Photographers get asked all the time to include dogs, and sometimes even cats, but this was the first time that I got to include a horse!  He is a big part of their family and a very sweet and handsome horse, so he added some depth to their pictures.

The day of our session went perfectly.  Camera in hand, I got to bask in the glow of this beautiful couple expecting their first baby.  I gave them a few simple suggestions, things to think about and talk about with each other, and the sweetness and emotion that came from them was magic for my camera!

How awesome does this mama to be look?!  She needs to be a maternity clothing model or something!

J family, you are beautiful and I cannot wait to meet your baby soon!

To be continued… :)



Portrait of a beautiful couple

Sweet moment for pregnant family

Maternity photo Charlotte NC

Beautiful Couple Expecting First Baby

January 31, 2014

This gorgeous mama to be contacted me from Raleigh NC and wanted to do a maternity shoot. She was really in love with the idea of doing a shoot outdoors in natural light but wasn’t sure since it is the dead of winter, if the scenery would look… well… dead of winter-ish.  This is where living in the Carolinas really comes in handy.  We are so lucky to have the kind of scenery that keeps some green-ness year round.  There are little pockets of greenery that photographers know how to find and maximize.  Not only that, but we have beautiful light here too.

The day of our shoot, we were blessed with 60-something degree temps which made being outside not only bearable but enjoyable!  When I met up with this couple, we chose Davidson NC, because it was the closest outskirt of Charlotte to where they were coming from in Raleigh.  I was kind of star struck by how stunning this couple is!  They are of Indian/ Botswana descent and were absolutely glamorous-superstar beautiful!  Can you even imagine how lovely their baby will be?  She brought her mother along, who was visiting until their baby arrives to help out, and she was so incredibly sweet and helpful.

We had such a great shoot and I photographed for nearly 2 hours as our shoot involved a wardrobe and location change.  They would tease each other playfully and shared some very sweet moments during the time that we worked together.

Thank you SO much P family, I am so happy that you chose me to work with you and I am SUPER excited to meet your baby!Beautiful couple await Baby

Outdoor maternity photo session

Beautiful Woman Maternity Shoot

Sweet Maternity Photo

Charlotte Maternity Photographer

Oh this shot has no belly in it but… WOW… I just had to include it!

Sunshine and dreaminessXOXO


Turning Two and Welcoming a Sibling.

October 1, 2013

What a beautifully perfect fall photo session for the D family!  They have lots to celebrate– little A’s second birthday as well as a new baby on the way.  We had a perfect Charlotte autumn day– the trees are still green but there is a hint of goldenness in the air.  It felt so good to all of us.

Little A absolutely stole my heart!  Look at that face!  She loves to walk her doggie, and make all of her own decisions! Her independent spirit reminded me of my own daughter when she was that age, which made me feel an immediate bond with her.

We had such a great session.. thank you again D family!!!  I can’t wait to meet baby!



Charlotte maternity photo

Child in tutu on horse

Charlotte maternity and family photographer

Child walks a puppy for photo

Charlotte child with hair bow smiles for photo

What a Gorgeous Baby She will be!

May 15, 2013

This Charlotte mama contacted me with a pretty good idea in mind of what she was looking for for her maternity pictures.  She wanted her portraits to be soft and with a vintage kind of look to them.. lots of hazy sunlight and pastel colors.  I happen to be just that kind of photographer!  She is an artist with a bohemian style and had a vision for her photos.

We pulled up at our first location and I got out of the car to introduce myself.  I think my smile must have been as big as a rainbow because… Wow… how gorgeous can a couple be!!!  They are both radiantly beautiful and so warm and happy.  I love their style, mama has some beautiful clothes.  That dress makes me swoon, I am such a sucker for flowey maxi dresses, and she could not have worn it better!

So not only are they just beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well!  We dealt with a *lot* of inch worms covering trees, falling from the sky, ending up all over us, in our hair, sometimes even squished, and they took it all in stride.  I’m kind of used to bugs, being the mom of a 5 year old bug lover, but I know that they can freak other people out.  I love some of the shots when these parents-t0-be really connected and shared some very special moments.  In glowing, hazy evening light and flowy boho dress of course.

We all left the session agreeing that it was so much fun.  And I cannot WAIT to meet their baby once she arrives!

belly shot with father

beautiful dress

Floppy hat on Mom to be

Pregnant Charlotte couple awaits newborn

Vintage look maternity photo

Charlotte NC maternity photo session

A husband loves on his wife's baby bump

hazy sunlight photo session

Charlotte maternity photo

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