Month: July, 2011

Charlotte baby photography

July 27, 2011

I immediately fell in love with this little princess when I met her.  How could you not?  She is so sweet, so lovely, and so expressive.  At only 6 months old, it is amazing that she is not only able to sit on her own, but to pull herself up to standing in her crib, and pretty much let you know exactly what she’s thinking. Mom and Dad are so proud of her and you can see why!  Even Grandma stopped by for some pictures, which was fun.

Baby girl in her crib with her family

Baby in vintage crib photographed by Charlotte photographer

Baby girl in colorful dress smiles big for photographer

Outdoor photo taken in Charlotte of a family and their baby girl

Photo portrait of a playful family and their baby girl

Charlotte children's photographer portrait of her own child in a sunflower field near Charlotte

July 13, 2011

So along with many Charlotte photographers, I was in search of the perfect sunflower field to hold some family summer photo sessions.  And along with many, many other photographers, I fell in love with a ginormous never-ending field of sunflowers at the Draper Wildlife preserve in York SC, about a half hour from South Charlotte.  I’ve actually been here many times before, and have visited the field that now brims with yellowey gold beauty, and even before the sunflowers arrived, found it to be pretty.  Chris likes to fish in the pond near the field, and Willow and I go for walks.  So, of course I had to bring the family out to get some lovely pictures of my Willow Rose in this lovely field.  She had so much fun, she is such a bug lovin’ kid and found all kinds of lady bugs, bumble bees, and beetles in the field.

And yeah, she’s kind of a flower child at heart, like her mama.

Sunflower field Charlotte children's photographer

Children's photographer in Sunflower field in Charlotte NC

so fun…. a family photo session at Carowinds in Charlotte- Children’s photographer

July 11, 2011

I’ve been thinking about this for soooo long.  Our family has a season pass to Carowinds, so we go there fairly often (although we always stick to the children’s area!).  I noticed that part of the park is very “old Carolina beach” style, with vintage-y painted walls, cool signs and stuff, and kept thinking that it would be PERFECT for a child or family photo session!  Not only is the scenery cool, but when families are there, they’re pretty much always having fun.  So, what a perfect place to capture some photographs.

child photographer in Charlotte NC

family rides the scrambler

Family poses with their child in Charlotte NC's Carowinds for picture

Family fun photo with children's photographer in Charlotte NC.

Child with vintage teal boat and cotton candy by children's photographer

Adorable family poses for Charlotte child photographer

Photo taken at Carowinds in Charlotte of child and her daddy.

I would LOVE to schedule more of these fun sessions… so if you are planning a family day or taking the children to Carowinds, consider booking a session with me and having your photos made while you are there enjoying your day!

Charlotte maternity photo session

July 4, 2011

I’ve been working with this amazing couple through the years and every time I see them, I love them a little bit more.  First of all, they are ridiculously adorable.  And so cool.  And so sweet.  And they both play guitar (and added a uke to the mix). So, I know this post is going to be really photo -heavy and super long, but I can’t help myself.

Here are some oldie but goodie photos from their engagement session as well as their weddding, as well as pictures from our recent maternity shoot…

First comes Love, Engagement Photo shoot near Charlotte NC

Then comes marriage….Wedding photosThen comes…

Baby bump with daddy's hand

Charlotte couple's maternity photo session with Becca Bond Photography

I climbed a peach tree to get this shot… and got covered with prickly itchies..  But it was worth it, oh yes it was!

Maternity photos taken at a peach orchard

Beautiful maternity shots of a Charlotte couple, by baby photographer

Maternity baby bump pictures

couple waiting for baby picture

Snuggly couple maternity photo session near Charlotte NC

Maternity pregnancy photos with ukelele in Charlotte NC

mama rocked it out a bit too…Charlotte maternity photos

maternlty photo session showin the love


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