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June 25, 2016

Best Charlotte children's photographer children dance in open field Photo of mother and son Super giggly girl portrait Kids build sandcastle brother and sister laugh with photographer

really beautiful girl with flower crown Piggy back ride on dad FAmily snuggles outdoor photo Picnic blanket family photo shoot Charlotte family photography Modern lifestyle portrait Charlotte Family Photographer makes pictures of beautiful family outside at parkAs a family photographer, when you arrive at your shoot to be greeted with kids screaming your name and running into your arms to give you the biggest “I-haven’t-seen-you-in-months!” hug, you know it’s going to be a great photo shoot!  That is exactly what happened when I got to photograph this family.  S still had curlers in her hair when she came running out of the van, and her little brother couldn’t wait to show me his loose tooth.  These are the moments that make my heart swell and make me SO! GRATEFUL! for the job that I have.  I have been working with this family for years and I LOVE every shoot that we do.  We always try to “outdo” the last, but we have some traditions that we always do on every shoot that makes it really fun.  This is fun because it forces me to be creative and try different things and locations.  This time, I decided to work at Jetton Park on Lake Norman because I’ve been working there lately and I really love the scenery.  Plus I thought it would be fun to do a summery beach scene with some of the kids’ clothes that mama chose.  It worked out perfectly and the weather cooperated!

One of our photo shoot traditions is the last thing that we do is a “tackle mommy” photo.  Everyone looks forward to this (well… maybe not mommy but she is such a sweet mama and a good sport that she wouldn’t let on if she didn’t).  The whole family gives her the biggest hug ever that usually sends everyone toppling over onto the ground with mom at the bottom of the pile!

We have certain games that we always play, and the kids look forward to those as well.  This time, I even found out who has the stinkiest feet in the family.  And I will never, ever tell!

After each photo shoot with this crew, I feel like I just hung out and played with long time friends.  It is so much fun.  And the pictures that result are so authentic and full of love and life, just like these beautiful folks.

Thank you again R family… it is truly an honor to be your photographer!




Charlotte Family Newborn Photo Shoot | Becca Bond Photography

June 14, 2016

As we approach Father’s Day, I feel like this is an appropriate baby photo shoot to post.  This dad is about as involved as it gets.  He was the one that contacted me to tell me how much his wife loved my photography and wanted me to be their newborn photographer as they welcomed their baby boy.  I gave him my spiel about what to wear, what to expect and how the session would go.  I did get to speak to the mama briefly before the shoot as well.

Both parents were so hands-on with this sweet baby, truly sharing in all of the diaper changes and snuggles of their son.  There was one moment during our photo shoot when mama was on the bed  holding baby Z and I was  photographing them, sunlight was streaming in through the window and it was a beautiful scene.  Dad was next to me just watching the sweetness as they snuggled together, she looked like such a natural mother, holding her baby with so much love in her eyes.  She looked amazingly beautiful, glowing almost.  And then Dad said “You know (Z) you have the most beautiful mother in the world”… and her smile lit up light a shining sun.  It was such a sweet moment to witness as a photographer.

I really enjoyed working with you S family and hope to photograph your baby boy as he grows!  Thank you for inviting me to document this wonderful time in your lives.


Beccasweet sleepy baby beautiful mother Family holds their sweet baby Devoted family cuddles baby Father kisses infant son blue eyed baby on noah's ark blanket Sleeping Baby on Rustic Box Newborn Photo outside


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A True Princess

June 3, 2016

When I last saw this family, the bun was still baking in the oven!  They were so sweet and kind and so excited for the arrival of their baby and I really felt connected to them.  Baby decided to arrive fashionably late… with a little motivation from the OB.  She came out looking like a model. Her grandmother showed me pictures on her iPhone of a freshly newborn baby L actually posing!  Her little hands were up near her face in the sweetest way.  She was made to be a model, beautiful and graceful like her mother!

Well here are some portraits from our newborn photo shoot.  I love the connection of the family in these.  And the ones of dad and his newborn baby girl pull my heartstrings a lot.

Hope that you love these too!


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Maternity Photo shoot in Freedom Park Charlotte with Flower Crown

May 19, 2016

In the first email that this pregnant mama sent me, she mentioned that she was expecting her first baby and then that she already had two “fur babies”.. namely, a dog named Taco, and a rabbit named Mr. Rabbit.  I knew immediately that I had to be their family’s photographer!  As the mother of a very quirky child (and being a quirky person myself), I appreciate dogs named Taco and pet rabbits!  When we spoke about her photo shoot, she mentioned that they live near Freedom Park in Charlotte and often visit the park to walk Taco.  I thought it would be fitting to photograph them there, although photo shoots in Freedom Park are tricky because of the plethora of photographers.  We chose the perfect date and time of day and I barely had to photoshop joggers and bikers out of their pictures!  And come on…. can you even believe these were taken at the busiest park in Charlotte?!  I mean really….  they look like they were made in an enchanted elfin forest.  Maybe her lovely flower crown has something to do with that magic.

Well… I am so happy with your portraits, C and A!  I cannot wait to meet your (human) baby on her newborn portraits!!!



Charlotte Maternity PHotographer Very sweet loving couple expecting first baby Maternity photo with flower crown Charlotte expecting photography Charlotte Family Photography Outdoors

Lake Norman Maternity Photo Session

April 7, 2016

When I met this mama for tea at the Starbucks north of Charlotte, I was really hoping that she would book me as her photographer.  Not only is she a jaw dropping gorgeous pregnant mama but she has a vivacious and hilarious personality as well.  We decided to work at Jetton Park in Lake Norman, and since it can get so busy on a spring day, we had to make out shoot time pretty early.  Well it definitely paid off!  What a fun shoot!  Mom and dad were so candid and natural for their portraits.  They brought his mother along (who I love and wish she would accompany me on every photo shoot that I do because she kept complimenting my photography skills and boosting my ego 😉  They also brought their pup and we got some great photos of him as well!

I cannot wait to photograph their newborn… just imagine how beautiful that baby is going to be!

Thank you M family… I will see you in a few weeks as you welcome your baby!!



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